Empowering Women and Children in Ethiopia

Fiker Ena Selam Charitable Organization's Mission to Provide Sustainable Solutions to Poverty and Inequality.

In the education sector

The organization has 96 children in number, and we are working to support school-age children with educational resources and materials for educational assistance outside of the government's coverage to help them succeed in their education.

Training, free legal protection.

Love & Peace Charity is a humanitarian organization that provides women, children and young people with vigilante legal training to prevent violence and sexual harassment and to prevent violations of their human rights.

In the health sector

Provide expert awareness and education to those assisted by the organization to maintain personal and environmental hygiene at all times, to practice the tradition of washing hands, volunteers on HIV and reproductive health professionals.

In the food sector

Most of the needy children it comprises are children of parents who are extremely disadvantaged and have no source of income, so it is supporting food consumption, teff oil, flour, pasta, macaroni, sanitation, financial and clothing support.

Sanitary and Clothing

Fikir ena Selam Benevolent Society provided sanitation and clothing to a total of 1924 needy children, women and the elderly.

About Us

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Since its inception in 2008, Love & Peace Charity has been providing prevention-based training on violence and sexual harassment of women, children and young people, and providing free legal protection, food, medical, psychological and counseling services to women, children and young people who have been victims of abuse


The children we teach consistently


Women who are permanently embraced, children, the elderly and people with disabilities


Children who have been supported

Addressing Critical Needs in Ethiopia

Tackling Poverty, Education, and Healthcare

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Making a Difference in Ethiopia

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Changing Lives Through Charity: The Story of Fikir Ena Selam

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